Coalition For A Safer Web

Coalition for a Safer Web Urges IRS Investigation into the Tides Foundation

The Coalition for a Safer Web (CSW) filed today a formal complaint with the Inspector General of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to commence an IRS investigation into TIDES NEXUS, the TIDES FOUNDATION, and their donor network (collectively “TIDES”) for:

  • Funding organizations inciting violence, antisemitism, and the destruction of the State of Israel in violation of Section 501 IRS Code; and
  • Laundering these donations from major U.S. philanthropies to extremist groups in order to conceal the identities of the donors and their recipients.Based on its investigations CSW filed two prior complaints with the IRS against the Soros Open Society Foundation and the Goldman Sachs PhilanthropyNetwork for violating their tax-exempt status.


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