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The Coalition for a Safer Web issued a press release today
detailing how Trump-supporting white supremacist groups are principally
responsible for planning this Saturday’s “Million MAGA Rally” in Washington,

Proud Boys and other white supremacist anti-Semitic neo-Nazi groups have
created extensive social media operations to support the march, instigated by
Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud.  A counter rally is also planned by
anarchist antifa supporters who have repeatedly clashed with Trump white
nationalist groups in other American cities in recent months.

The failure of President Trump to condemn white supremacy and the Proud Boys was met with a social media explosion by the group as validation. CSW’s President in the Washington Post. 

CSW President Amb. Marc Ginsberg testified on Capitol Hill in front of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce regarding the role of social media companies in mainstreaming extremist content. See the hearing here. 

CSW’s VP for Content Moderation Eric Feinberg interviews on Scripps TV about the role of social media in spreading misinformation and ways to combat the spread during the current pandemic. Learn more here. 

CSW President Amb. Marc Ginsberg and Vice-President Eric Feinberg look into the continuing prevalence of QAnon conspiracists on social media platforms and expose how they are evading social media moderators. Read the details here. 

Andy Parker writes for CNN about his fight to take down from YouTube and Facebook the brutal murder of his daughter on live TV and the role of Section 230. Read more here

As more major U.S. corporate advertisers join the Facebook “Stop Hate for Profit” ad boycott, what happens when the boycott ends? CSW President Marc Ginsberg argues that a Social Media Standards Board is the only answer to social media’s problems. Read his Op-Ed in The Hill here. 

CSW is calling on companies to boycott Telegram and remove it from their app stores as it becomes the preferred messaging app among extremists promoting violence in the US. Read the press release and see the evidence here.

See coverage of our work in Politico Tech here. 

CSW issued a press release criticizing President Trump’s Executive Order (EO) on social media censorship.  Although CSW supports legislation to eliminate Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, Trump’s battle with Twitter completely ignores the real dangers of Section 230 to the American public. Read the release here

CSW announces it has uncovered the back door route utilized to circumvent restrictions against the spread of the notorious “Plandemic” video, as reported in today’s Washington Post.

Read the press release here. 

Posts selling unproven drug therapies to treat the novel coronavirus continued to surface on social networks over the last week, despite the companies’ promises to promote public health and crack down on misleading information. CSW’s Eric Feinberg in the Washington Post. 

Sellers hawking medical masks and bogus coronavirus cures are doing brisk business on YouTube, researchers for the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) and the Coalition for a Safer Web (CSW) found after an 18-day investigation from March 6-24. Read the report here: DCA CSW CoronaYouTube Report 3.30.20

According to research done by CSW and Digital Citizens Alliance, Facebook is still advertising masks for sale during the COVID-19 pandemic despite pledging to remove them. Read and watch more on CNN. 

CSW is urging the US Government to impose additional economic sanctions on Russia for harboring Rinaldo Nazzaro — the American terrorist neo-Nazi leader of “The Base.”

The Base is the most dangerous anti-Semitic/anti-minority trans-national
neo-Nazi operation.  It is responsible for inciting on social media violence
and vandalism against Jewish and minority houses of worship and community centers.  Several of its members were recently arrested in Georgia and Maryland by the FBI for plotting acts of violence against the Jewish community and other crimes. Read the Press Release here. 

Facebook ramps up outreach efforts as scrutiny and criticism mounts and trust is at an all time low. Read about CSW’s call for the NFL to not show their commercial while providing havens to anti-Semitic groups here

The sale of illicit wares across social media platforms is raising questions about how well the companies are policing their sites. Read Eric Feinberg in the Washington Post

Outside monitor shows ads run adjacent to terrorist-themed posts, which is nearly impossible to control. Eric Feinberg quoted in AdAge

Profile on CSW’s Dan Shefet. Listen and read at NPR

Presentation given by Amb. Ginsberg and Eric Feinberg to the National Assembly of Rabbis

Instagram isn’t just for cute dog photos and catching up with your friends. Eric Feinberg quoted in the Washington Post

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