Policy Proposals

Social Media Standards Board


CSW advocates creating a ground breaking SMSB which would serve as: 1) a private sector voluntary auditing organization to monitor compliance by social media companies of a new “code of conduct” (code); and 2) serve as a forum to incubate and promote new technologies to accelerate identification and management of extremist/hate social media content to assist social media companies to fulfill their own customer obligations and public pledges to rapidly and irrevocably de-platform extremist incitement and terrorism content.

Social Media Early Warning Center

Governor Tom Ridge will help lead CSW’s nationwide plan to forge a new private/public sector Social Media Early Warning Center.


The Center’s concept was unveiled by CSW in a January 20 OP ED in The Hill following the January 6 Capitol insurrection. The Center’s purpose is to expedite the dissemination of social media extremist incitement content obtained by national and international social media watchdog groups to the media and law enforcement authorities.


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