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Researchers for the Coalition for a Safer Web (CSW) are uncovering an alarming increase in social media-based threats – amplified by antisemitic incitement – against U.S. judges, court officials, law enforcement, and prosecutors.

On August 4, 2023, Trump issued a TRUTH SOCIAL threat directed at Special Counsel Jack Smith: “IF YOU COME AFTER ME, I AM COMING AFTER YOU.” Since then, as the NYTimes reported on September 26, the web assault against law enforcement and judicial officials has dramatically escalated 300% as additional state indictments against Trump are unveiled.

CSW has forensically pinpointed the sources of this digital incitement to a “dark” unmoderated, unregulated “attack” constellation composed of the following websites:

TRUTH SOCIAL – Trump’s principal digital disseminator of his content

X (formerly Twitter) Hashtag #The Noticing (a virulent camouflaged antisemitic feeder/hashtag

Telegram — the end-to-end encrypted mobile app hosting US extremist groups and persons

Discord — the gaming social media site

A potent number of far-right white nationalist web community chat rooms including of GAB, 4Chan, and 8kun

Goyim TV – the stand-alone “television channel” arm of the Goyim Defense League

The Gateway Pundit: An extremist spreader of bogus pro-Trump stories tinged with antisemitic tropes and memes.

CSW researchers further uncovered data linking this dark constellation to several troll farms operated by Russia’s Internet Research Agency (IRA).

We located several IRA trolls piping bogus accounts and misinformation content to extremist groups and individuals operating under specially curated hashtags and English language camouflaged accounts such as “VK English Speaking White Nationalists” under VK — the Russian-based Facebook equivalent that is under IRA supervision.

The incitement is steered by the IRA primarily to TRUTH SOCIAL, Gab, and Telegram. Once inside these platforms (that ricochet bogus accusations back and forth) it is being viewed by Trump’s millions of account followers. One trending IRA hashtag we located on VK that we then traced to a Telegram Proud Boys account used the phrase” Jewish-dominated U.S. “Jewdiciary.”

CSW also identified known individuals, groups, and even camouflaged Russian English-speaking operatives on these channels including members of the Proud Boys, QAnon accounts, National Justice Party organizers of the 2017 Unite the Right Charlottesville neo-Nazi march, U.S. National Socialist Party leaders (the largest neo-Nazi organization in the U.S.), members of the Atomwaffen Division, and notorious antisemites including Nick Fuentes who boasts on his various media outlets a direct link to Trump.

The threat fallout is included in accounts containing various antisemitic tropes and fabricated accusations that law enforcement and judicial officials are directed by “globalists”, “George Soros” and “Trotsky Marxists” — all antisemitic dog whistles.

The Russian troll farm operation relies on seamless access to TRUTH SOCIAL. This new generation of trolls are focused on Trump’s anti-law enforcement accusations and not on general election campaign misinformation.

Additionally, extremist account followers are setting their sights on “Jewish pornographic law books” and urging MAGA believers to take to the streets to burn law books to protest the “Marxist, Soros-led corruption of the judiciary.” Threats incorporate antisemitic accusations that non-Jewish court judges and law enforcement officials are being bribed directly and indirectly by George Soros, intended to corrupt the judicial system against Trump.

The damage unleashed has real-world consequences for law enforcement, the judicial system, and to the American Jewish community. The FBI is investigating personal threats against scores of individuals, whose names and addresses are posted on these accounts.

For example, one GAB account targets two Jewish judges (NAMES) who are “…ready to exterminate the white patriarchy curiously using a Valerie Jarret meme – an Obama Administration senior White House staff member.

Another GAB account is representative of numerous accounts intercepted by CSW attacking Jews as instigators of a corrupt judiciary determined to bring down Trump. With one specifically focused on antisemitic tropes flooding GAB via its notorious antisemitic founder, Andrew Torba.

On TRUTH SOCIAL, our researchers found several dozen inter-related accounts targeting Jewish or “Jew-controlled “ judicial officials bribed by “Jewish” Trump opponents (with George Soros serving as the principal financier).

A representative list of TRUTH SOCIAL anti-law enforcement intercepts is below. NOTE: to access these accounts one needs Truth Social account.


Web-based antisemitic incitement had already reached unprecedented levels. The dangerous combination of Trump’s efforts to discredit the U.S. judicial system, a new, appealing cause for far-right extremists to attract more recruits, all laced with antisemitic incitement places Jews at greater risk.

Unfortunately, there is no solution in sight to stop this looming tidal wave of hate.

So long as Congress fails to hold platforms financially accountable for this incitement the best we can do is increase our surveillance, as CSW is doing 24/7.

Just imagine if Congress had acted by now and had removed the immunity shield under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. TRUTH SOCIAL, GAB and other social media platforms would face millions of dollars in lawsuits and fines for inciting violence. But not one bill to amend Section 230 to protect the American Jewish community has been brought to a vote in either the House or the Senate.

It is an abdication of responsibility largely fueled by campaign donations from Silicon Valley who know all too well what Section 230’s end would mean to their business models.

In the meantime, CSW will continue to lobby like-minded social media watchdog groups to form a national coalition early warning fusion center to keep track of the online threats that could lead to real-world consequences. Business as usual by concerned civic groups is simply inadequate. Not one organization or federal law enforcement agent — neither the Anti-Defamation League nor the FBI – will ever have the bandwidth to successfully surveil all these web-based potential threats. The situation demands more innovation and a more collective approach.





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