Coalition for a Safer Web is a registered 501(c)3. All donations are tax-deductible. 

Promote development and utilization of innovative technological solutions to extremist incitement and related on-line criminal activity by launching a new “best practices” innovation initiative to unveil new technologies to facilitate more expedited identification and PERMANENT de-platforming of terrorist incitement. The initiative would also provide technological support to US corporations technologically incapable of neutralizing the threat of terrorist and extremist incitement to their enterprises technologically incapable of neutralizing the threat of terrorist and extremist incitement to their enterprises.

Promote regulation of Deep/Dark Web “Underworld Internet Infrastructure Support Systems”: Develop public and/or private oversight and adequate financial penalties/incentives governing Deep and Dark web internet service companies which provide “back of the house” technological support to extremist and criminal web operations.

Advocate reasonable and practical legislative and regulatory approaches to Section 230 of the 1996 Communication Decency Act content immunity granted to social media companies if private sector solutions are unable to unwilling to be adopted by social media companies.

Promote creation of a Social Media Audit Board — a private sector voluntary regulatory organization (potentially modeled after the Financial Accounting Service Board or other comparable private sector regulation mechanism).  This Social Media Audit Board would  oversee compliance by social media companies of their customer terms of service and pledges to expedite the elimination of illegal, dangerous and extremist internet content in order to protect consumers and brands from safety issues posed by hate and incitement, sale of illicit substances, and technological challenges undermining a more safe and secure social media experience.

Continue the high school student “Tech Titan” pilot project educational program with DC local high schools, inaugurated in 2017-2018, to train young adults how to identify and protect themselves and their peers from illicit and extremist social media content.  Prepare an educational manual for high school students, teachers, and education administrators to achieve these objectives.

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